General information

Who is Elli’s offer aimed at?

Our service offers relating to the ŠKODA iV Charger are primarily aimed at home owners and tenants with their own parking space who are interested in innovative mobility solutions. 

What does Elli offer its customers?

We offer our customers a combination of mobility and electricity – helping you to choose an electric vehicle and more sustainable mobility.

Our services relating to the ŠKODA iV Charger expand ŠKODA’s range of services:

ŠKODA AUTO partner offers electric vehicles at attractive prices with ever increasing ranges – Elli enables convenient and sustainable charging at home. 

ŠKODA iV Charger installation service

How can I book these services? How do I find a service partner near me?

To make it especially easy, you can book our standard installation package – including home check – when you purchase your ŠKODA iV Charger. With this option, our installation partner will contact you by phone or email within two working days of you placing your order to arrange a date for the home check. 

Can anyone install an ŠKODA iV Charger in their home?

That depends on various factors. If you live in your own home with your own electricity meter, garage or parking space, you usually meet the key requirements. Installation is basically possible even if you live in a rented property and have your own parking space. It is best to clarify this directly with your landlord. 

I live in an owner-occupied flat/housing estate/multi-family dwelling, can I still install a home charging station in my personal garage space?

In theory, yes. In the case of apartment buildings, however, the owners’ association must be involved in the decision as to whether you are allowed to install a home charging station.

Furthermore, the feasibility of the installation depends on access to the electrical infrastructure at your designated parking space. Our installation partner will be happy to help you to assess your situation professionally during the home check. 

How will I be supported during the installation of the ŠKODA iV Charger?

Our installation service offers you a professional all-round service: planning, installation and commissioning of your ŠKODA iV Charger by one of our certified installation partners.

Alternatively, you can have your ŠKODA iV Charger installed by your preferred service provider.

Important: in principle, we repair malfunctions of your ŠKODA iV Charger free of charge – but this does not apply if they are caused by a faulty installation. With our professional installation service, you are on the safe side. 

What advantages does the installation service offer me? How does the installation with your authorised workshop work?

“To put it simply: with the greatest of ease.” 

Once you have made an appointment with our professional installation service, you don’t have to worry about anything.

You make an appointment with our installation partner – we not only provide the necessary expertise, we also provide all the necessary materials such as safety switches and cables. In addition, we will work with you to find a suitable location for the installation of the home charging station and take care of all minor structural preparations. After we have installed and commissioned your home charging station, we will test it with you together with your electric vehicle. Our job is not done until the electricity is flowing and your car is charging properly. If you do not yet own an electric vehicle, we use a test device to check the function of the home charging station.

How do I know if I meet all requirements for installing an ŠKODA iV Charger?

If you buy your ŠKODA iV Charger from a ŠKODA AUTO partner, your ŠKODA AUTO partner will support you with a first free online pre-check. You simply answer a few short questions about your home environment to get an initial assessment – without any obligation.

When buying in the online shop, you can complete this free online pre-check on your own.

After a home check, our service partner can give you a binding assessment of whether you meet the criteria. Please note: the home check is part of the installation package and is only offered if you order the charger together with installation by our installation partner.   

How does the home check work?

Even if you have already spoken to a ŠKODA AUTO partner or completed an online pre-check, we always want to make sure that everything is going to work optimally later on. This is why we carry out a home check to check in detail on site or remotely – by exchanging images, by video or by telephone – whether your home meets all the requirements. After this appointment, we can tell you with certainty whether our standard installation package is suitable for you. If not, we will make you an additional offer customised to your requirements.  

How does the installation process work?

The most convenient option is to simply book our installation service when you purchase your ŠKODA iV Charger. Either you order directly from our web shop or you simply book our service with the support of your ŠKODA AUTO partner.

If you choose our installation service, our installation partner will contact you by phone or email within two working days of you placing your order to arrange a date for the home check. As soon as everything has been clarified, our installer will make an appointment with you for installation/assembly. 

How far in advance does the installation need to be arranged?

If you booked our installation service, our installation partner will contact you by phone or email within two working days of you placing your order to arrange a date for the home check. As soon as everything has been clarified, our installer will agree an appointment with you. How quickly everything is ready depends on your availability.

What does the standard installation package contain?

The standard installation package includes all labour costs, transport and sundry parts (screws, bolts etc.), assembly and installation of the home charging station itself, installation of residual current and cabling protection, cabling up to 15 m in length including cable ducts and up to two wall openings if necessary.

In addition, our installation partners also carry out all functional tests and inspections in accordance with local regulations and dispose of the packaging and residual materials for you. Our standard package is designed to cover most customer needs. If you require additional services, our installation partner will be pleased to provide you with an individual additional offer. 

How long does the installation take?

The duration of the installation work depends on conditions at the place of installation. The installer will give you a time estimate based on the home check. On average, you should allow three to four hours for the installation and commissioning of your ŠKODA iV Charger. 

Can I book the installation service for a home charging station made by another manufacturer?

The installation service is only available in combination with one of our ŠKODA iV Charger models. 

What information do I need to perform the online pre-check?

For our online pre-check, you need basic information about your parking situation and electrical infrastructure. If you do not have this information to hand, you can pause the online pre-check and continue it at any time later. 

What happens if the standard installation package is not sufficient for my home?

We can reassure you that in most cases our standard installation package is completely sufficient. Our installation partner will advise you individually in the home check and inspect your home conditions in detail. If required, he will put together a tailor-made package for you. 

Do I have to be present during the installation?

We recommend you to be on site during the installation to receive the necessary introduction to the home charging station and to allow a complete setup of the ŠKODA iV Connect and ŠKODA iV Connect+ versions. Once the installation is complete, you will also be asked to sign a commissioning report.

Please understand that you or a person over 18 years of age appointed by you must be present on site at all times. This is for safety reasons as well as the necessary introduction to the home charging station and its setup, and so that you can sign the commissioning report once installation is complete.

ŠKODA iV Charger

Can I only charge my ŠKODA AUTO electric passenger car with the ŠKODA iV Charger?

The ŠKODA iV Charger can be used to charge any electric vehicles that has a type 2 charging socket. This type of plug is the European standard for AC charging, meaning ŠKODA iV Charger are compatible with all European electric vehicles.

Can I only install the ŠKODA iV Charger on a wall or can it also be installed free-standing?

Basically, the ŠKODA iV Charger can be mounted on a wall or any other solid surface. Our installation service will be happy to assist you in choosing a suitable location. At present, it is still undecided whether we will also offer accessories for free-standing installation. 

Is it possible to bill each user individually with the ŠKODA iV Charger?

The ŠKODA iV Charger Connect+ has an MID-certified energy meter which enables individual billing per consumer. 

How can I buy an ŠKODA iV Charger?

You can order our ŠKODA iV Charger easily from our online shop. You can also find our products at your ŠKODA AUTO partner, where you can also see the ŠKODA iV Charger for yourself and receive personal advice. 

Can I order an ŠKODA iV Charger as a business customer?

The web shop and our invoices are currently exclusively geared to sales to private customers. However, we are working hard to develop a solution for our business customers so that you can also claim the purchase of your ŠKODA iV Charger for tax purposes.  

Does the ŠKODA iV Charger comply with the German calibration law?

The ŠKODA iV Charger is currently primarily aimed at end customers. In order to meet the requirements of our business customers even better in the future, we are working on a solution that conforms to calibration law. 

How can I avoid my fuses or my home connection being overloaded or not having enough power?

All versions of the ŠKODA iV Charger can optionally be equipped with dynamic load management*. Dynamic load management is a function that monitors the house's total load and allows charging if the households power consumption offers enough power for charging the vehicle.

This means that if the rest of the building requires a lot of electricity, the charging of your vehicle via the ŠKODA iV Charger is automatically stopped. If the power consumption in the building decreases again and there is enough power available to charge your vehicle, the charging is resumed again.

*For this functionality, an additional device has to be installed near your fuse box. In case it is needed, our installation will offer it directly to you for around €240.

Can I order dynamic load management together with the ŠKODA iV Charger directly?

No. Currently, Elli does not offer this additional service in the standard installation package. However, you can always request it e.g. during the remote home check or, at a later stage, through our installation partner or your trusted installer. This additional service consists of the hardware and its installation and set-up. Whether you need a dynamic load management will be jointly evaluated at the remote home check with our installation provider. In most common cases you will need it if there are several large power consumers (e.g. electric shower or heat pump) in the same power circuit and/or if there are several chargers that are intended to charge simultaneously. In case it is needed, our installation partner can offer it directly to you for €240.

What type of dynamic load management device is available from our installation partner?

Our installation partner can offer a Matt:e dynamic load management device. This device is located near the fuse board and alters whether the charger will have power or not depending on what else you have running in your home. The device incorporates a monitoring device that disconnects all poles in the event of a broken Neutral fault and has the additional functionality for load curtailment, isolating the charge point from the supply once the house consumption rises above the pre-set limit and automatically restores the power to the charge point when the load falls back within a satisfactory level. Importantly, if there is an issue with the Matt-e device, it’ll shut the power off to the charger completely.

Does the plug of the ŠKODA iV Charger comply with a future-proof standard?

The ŠKODA iV Charger is intended for electric vehicles on the European market and is supplied with the standard AC plug for the European market (type 2).

Can I protect my ŠKODA iV Charger against unauthorised charging by third parties or allow another user to charge it?

If your ŠKODA iV Charger is not installed in a closed room, you can protect your ŠKODA iV Charger Connect and ŠKODA iV Charger Connect+ with RFID authentication, or use this function to allow a third party access.

What is RFID authentication?

RFID authentication is a function of ŠKODA iV Charger Connect and ŠKODA iV Charger Connect+ that allows you to determine who can use your home charging station.

You can activate and/or deactivate this function via your app. When this function is activated, charging is only possible using an RFID card. This RFID card has the format of an ordinary credit card and acts like a key. The charging process can only be started with an RFID card that has been enabled in the app. 

How can I order one or more RFID cards?

You will receive two charging cards with the corresponding home charging station as standard. You may order additional charging cards by contacting our customer support.

Where can I get help if the billing does not work?

We will, of course, support you if there are any problems with the ŠKODA iV Charger. If you have any problems, please contact us immediately. You can reach us via our hotline or via our contact form. We will attend to your request immediately.

With networked ŠKODA iV Charger models (ŠKODA iV Charger Connect and ŠKODA iV Charger Connect+) many malfunctions can be solved conveniently by remote access. If you ordered our installation package, we will send an installer to you as soon as possible.

Can the ŠKODA iV Charger be operated from my smartphone?

Yes, this will be possible with ŠKODA iV Charger Connect and ŠKODA iV Charger Connect+.

What are the advantages of using it with my smartphone or app?

By using the app, you can, for example, view the charging history, manage the RFID charging cards and easily find public charging stations in your vicinity. The functionality of the app is constantly being expanded to offer you the best possible charging experience.

Is integration into a Home Energy Management System (HEMS) possible?

The standardised device language EEBus enables simple and direct data exchange between your home appliances. This enables you to intelligently control your daily power flows and save costs, for example. 

This requires EEBus communication which is available on our Internet-ready wallboxes. If the latest version of the software is installed on your wallbox, you can intelligently manage daily power flows.

What is a Home Energy Management System (HEMS)?

A Home Energy Management System is a system for planning and controlling energy flows in private households. In addition to resource conservation and climate protection, its aims include reducing electricity costs to a minimum while ensuring the energy needs of users – or distributing self-produced photovoltaic power most efficiently in the house. The system also ensures that the electrical installation in your home is not overloaded when flexibly controlled electrical equipment is in use. 

Is it possible to couple my photovoltaic (PV) system with the ŠKODA iV Charger?

The non plus ultra in sustainability: The sun is shining, and you want to use sustainably produced power or surplus electricity from your solar panels to charge your car.

Our Internet-ready wallboxes feature EEBus communication which allows your charging station and photovoltaic installation to coordinate.

EEBus is an IP-based communication standard used by many home energy management systems (HEMSs) to manage power installations. Optimized charging is now possible thanks to a new software update (v3.8.12;v3.29.1). This means your wallbox can pair with the photovoltaic installation via an EEBus-enabled HEMS.

Requirements for compatibility with a photovoltaic installation

- Your photovoltaic installation supports communication via the EEBus standard.

- You have an EEBus-enabled HEMS (possibly pre-installed in your PV controller. The best thing to do is to ask your electrician.)

- You have an Internet-ready wallbox.

- Your wallbox is running on software version v3.8.12;v3.29 or higher.

- Your home electrical system is designed for this. The best thing to do is to ask your electrician.

Who will support me with the maintenance of my ŠKODA iV Charger?

The ŠKODA iV Charger does not require any maintenance. For networked ŠKODA iV Charger models, the latest software updates are automatically installed as long as the home charging station is connected to the Internet.

Who will support me if my ŠKODA iV Charger does not work properly or I have problems charging?

If you have any problems, please contact us immediately. You can reach us via our hotline or via our contact form. We will attend to your request immediately. With networked ŠKODA iV Charger models (ŠKODA iV Charger Connect and ŠKODA iV Charger Connect+) many malfunctions can be solved conveniently by remote access. Otherwise we will send an installer to you as soon as possible.

Important: we will, of course, correct faults free of charge. However, the only condition is that you are not to blame for the fault. To ensure that you are optimally protected, we recommend our professional installation service.

Methods of payment

When do I have to pay for my order?

Payment of the purchase price is due immediately, at the latest within 14 days after conclusion of the contract. If you receive your order confirmation from Elli, the corresponding amount will be collected from the account you specified. 

When will I receive my invoice?

As soon as you have completed your order in our web shop, you will receive an order confirmation from us. Your order will then be checked and you will immediately receive your order confirmation by email; this confirmation contains our terms and conditions as well as a cancellation policy.

You will receive the invoice approx. 10-14 days after delivery or after installation by our installation partner. 

Can I withdraw from the sales contract?

Yes, you have a 14-day right to withdraw from the contract, starting on the day of delivery of your ŠKODA iV Charger. 

How can I cancel my order?

In order to ensure that your order is cancelled before delivery or installation and to keep the costs for you and us as low as possible, please inform us of your decision as soon as possible.

The easiest and fastest way is via our contact form. Please select the topic "Cancellation / Revocation“. We will then send you an email with a cancellation link (valid for 24 hours). After the cancellation / revocation has been confirmed by you, we will refund the purchase price. Please note: In case of a revocation, you will first receive a return label from us via email. The refund will be made after we receive your return.

Wallbox Delivery and Return

How is my Charger delivered?

In principle, our Chargers are delivered via DHL or UPS. Depending on whether you have ordered your Charger with or without installation, the delivery will also be triggered at different times and to different recipients:

If you have ordered without installation, the delivery of the Charger will be initiated after the order is received to the address you have specified.

If you have ordered with installation, the delivery of the Charger is triggered after the successful Home Check to the address of the installer. As soon as the installer has received the Charger, he will contact you for an installation appointment. The installer will then bring the Charger to the installation.

How long does delivery take?

The current delivery times are communicated by us directly in the model configurator at the beginning of the purchasing process. Here you will find the current delivery times at the time of ordering.

What do I do if my Charger is not delivered?

With every shipped charger our customers also receive a tracking link (shipment tracking) from the respective parcel delivery company. Under this link you can check the delivery status of your order at any time. If you have not received a tracking link after a longer period of time and/or it shows that the delivery could not be delivered, please contact our Elli-Serviceteam.

How can I return my Charger?

If you have a warranty case or cancel your order, please submit this (if not already done) in writing to our Elli-Serviceteam. After successful examination you will receive a return label from Elli by e-mail. With this label you can then arrange a collection or hand in the delivery at the next parcel service station.

Do I have to bear the costs of the return myself?

No. Of course, these costs will be covered by Elli.


Great - it looks like it is feasible to install a ŠKODA iV Charger at your home.

Get ready for the next step in your electrifying future and finalize your configuration.

Configure and purchase your ŠKODA iV Charger

Thank you for providing your details.

There might be some challenges for installing a ŠKODA iV Charger at your home. But don’t worry, we will do our best to find a solution for you! Below you will find our detailed suggestions, please refer to the one that best reflects your answer.

Challenge 1:

It is not allowed to mount a private charge in an off-street parking space in the Republic of Ireland.

How to proceed:

We recommend to check again the possibilities to install the charger in another place. For further information and advice, please contact our customer support.

Challenge 2:

If you are not the owner of the property or do not have the consent of your landlord to carry out the installation then an installation will not be possible.

How to proceed:

Please gain permission before continuing with the purchase.

Challenge 3:

Local conditions are unclear and it may appear that the charger can’t be fitted on a wall, e.g. there is no straight wall measuring at least 30 cm wide, in the vicinity of your vehicle to attach the charger to.

How to proceed:

Usually, the charger needs to be mounted to a wall or a similar surface, which is stable enough to hold a wallbox. In case there’s nothing like this close to your parking spot, our local installation partner will try to recommend a suitable alternative, although this mean the installation falls outside our standard installation package. We recommend to continue with the order and clarify details during the home check with our installation partner. You may cancel the order if any costs exceed your expectations.

For further information and advice, please contact our customer support.

Configure and purchase your ŠKODA iV Charger

Is the ŠKODA iV Charger installation feasible at your home?

With just a few clicks you can check the installation feasibility. You’ll receive an indication if our standard package fits for your needs or if there is any challenge to overcome.

Regardless of the result, both we and our installer will do our best to make an installation possible.

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Sorry - it seems your are not OLEV eligible

In order to check out OLEV grant requirements you can visit our financial funding page or finanlize your ŠKODA iV Charger configuration without OLEV.

Continue without OLEV grant

Check your OLEV eligibility

The OLEV grant will reduce the cost of your ŠKODA  iV Charger Pro and its installation by £350. We can apply on your behalf for the grant in case you meet the following requirements. Please check them and confirm your eligibility. To learn more about the OLEV grant scheme please have a look at the section Financial Support or find out more on the OLEV website.

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